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SO YOU WANNA DO FILM? ; is about teaching you what you won't learn in film school.

We provide online resources, advice, motivation and a community to help you on your journey into the film industry. Whether that's deciding if you'd like to choose this study path, acing this semester, getting your first job in the industry, becoming a freelancer, or even just wanting to pick up some film making basics.

What's in store for you?

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How it all Begun

So You Wanna Do Film was founded to bridge the knowledge and experience gap between those studying to be in the film industry, and those in it.

I was somebody trying to enter the film industry with no study or prior knowledge. I had plenty of experience in post-production and videography (from being a freelance), but not a clue on what it’s like to work in the profession. Over a couple of months, Saphira filled me in with everything I needed to know in regards to writing resumes, talking to clients, industry standards, how to network myself and everything in between. It struck me how useful this kind of information must be to students about to enter the industry or about to take up a $20,000 debt to study, thus, So You Wanna Do Film was born. 
— Tom Cattermole, Co-Founder